Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Help! We're so close to Iceland!

You know the Claussen Pickles "Conquer the Cold" photography contest we entered not too long ago? (If you don't remember, go here to read all about it.)

Well, we'd like to announce that both Lee and I ended up being chosen as finalists!

Woot woot!

That means we're competing against 8 other people to win that trip to Iceland on Facebook.

We need your help now...and for the next 2 weeks!

Starting October 10 till October 24, you can vote once a day for one of our pictures.

Here are our finalist pictures.

Lee is rocking the muskrat hat (note: vote for this picture):

And somehow, this picture of me with snowshoes got in over the bear pelt pics (don't vote for this pic):

Anyway, because we're trying to pool our once-daily votes, please ONLY vote for Lee's picture of the saluting bearded Russian.  DO NOT vote for my picture!

You can vote here once a day till October 24.

We ask you to help send us to Iceland!

Thank you in advance!


Please go here to sign up and vote!



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