Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Claussen Pickles "Conquer the Cold" Contest Entries

1. Lee and I would love to travel to Iceland someday--it's one of our travel goals.

2. Because of this goal, we went all out for the Claussen pickles photography contest that required us to take pictures on the theme of "Conquer the Cold".  We got ourselves dressed up in "cold adventure gear" in the refrigerated aisle where Claussen pickles are found at our Smith's grocery store.

3. The Claussen folks will choose their top 10 finalists who will duke it out for the grand prize by getting the most votes for their photo on Facebook.

4. The grand prize is a trip to Alaska or Iceland.  We would choose Iceland--if we won, of course.

5. We've watched an Icelandic film called Noi the Albino. Interesting...haunting...you should watch it.

6.  The people that work at Smith's Marketplace in Bountiful love us...they let us take all these fun pictures with our 2 cart-fulls of props and only looked at us like we were only slightly crazy, not full-on-crazy.

7. We have no idea how to say Reykjavik.  Do you?

8. Lee's Russian hat is made of muskrat.  It's really, really warm.

9. Lee's mom and dad received a bear pelt as a wedding gift--man, that sure beats the crystal teddy bear platter we got for our wedding.

10. Did I mention that we want to go to Iceland?

11. We'll find out on October 10 whether we are in the Top 10 or not. If we get chosen, we'd love it if you would vote for our picture on Facebook!

12. Wish us luck!


Please vote here for Lee, the bearded the saluting Russian.



  1. Winter and Lee by far great idea since dill pickles first hit the market. I love it and you have my vote. P.s. Katie Perry showed up at my house the other night wanting to watch the video. LOL JK.

  2. I didn't know it was possible, but I love you guys even more now. I'm in. :)

  3. You guys get my vote! Hey, cute little bear hat and bear hide.

  4. Not Alaska! Ahhh! Shunned by relatives yet again! Seem like we are only exotic enough for Jim, Arlene, and Lauren! ;)

    The AK Brannan's

  5. @Anonymous

    Tori! We figured we could visit another time and not be stuck on a tour they set up for us if we win! We're still planning on visiting you sometime!


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