Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Wish List for Wednesday

1.  I wish my oldest sister, Dimples, and her family lived closer.  They were in town last week from California where they've been since Dimples and the Mad Scientist got married.  These are the people that I'd used to argue with about which was the truest science--chemistry (me), biology (Mad Scientist), or math (Dimples). 

Why yes, we are nerds--thank you for asking.

As you can see, the photographing Asian gene runs in the family.

2.  In conjuction with Wish #1, I wish for increased number of visits with my nephews, the offspring of Dimples and the Mad Scientist.  We don't get to see n x 1.6 km and CED all that much, which is kind of a bummer.  They're the only nephews we've got so far on my side of the family, so they're in high demand around these here parts (i.e. Utah).

Dang!  Look how cute they are!

3. I wish I could cover a cake with fondant better.  I covered my first cake last week--it was a "Trains, Planes, and Automobiles" cake made for the nephews in my cake decorating class (more on this later) and it turned out kinda lumpy looking. 

Oh well--at least it was a hit with all the kids!

The cake definitely has some sunken parts

All eyes were on Lee

4. I wish I had one of Lee's shish-ka-bobs right now.

I'm just a little hungry.

5.  I wish all of us could get together more often. When Dimples and family were in town last week, that was the first time we siblings were all in one place probably since Lee's and my wedding almost three years ago!

And when you wait that long for all of us Chans to be in one place, we're major spazoids (more than we usually are, anyway)!

The end.

Thanks for listening.

Have a nice Wednesday.


  1. That is a pretty good job for a first time fondant covering. (you should make your own fondant... store bought tastes yucky!) Love you and your family! (I want some of those shish-ka-bobs too!)

  2. Those shish-ka-bobs look fabulous! And I hear you about family. I have one sister that lives out of state and Mike has two brothers that live out of state. And those nephews are cute.

    I like the cake! Can't wait to hear about your new class. I love reading what you guys are always up to. Makes me feel really boring but I just live through you! ;)

  3. It stinks seeing family only a few times a year.

  4. @Janell
    Janell, I bet that happens often to you down south!

  5. @Careth
    Carrie--I need your fondant recipe then! I want to try the marshmallow fondant sometime!

  6. @Lisa Gibson
    Lisa, Lee does make things pretty interesting around here, for sure!


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