Monday, August 4, 2014

A funny thing happened on the way to the temple...

Lee and I were in charge of our church's youth conference this last weekend. Our group headed to Bear Lake in Idaho and it was just lovely.

Bear Lake, Idaho

We did a service project, played in the lake, went to the Minnetonka Caves, floated the Snake River, and had some great firesides. It was packed and fun.

Putting together chemotherapy kits

Minnetonka Caves

Getting ready to shove off on the Snake River

Fireside time

The last thing we planned was to attend the Ogden Temple Open House on Saturday around noon, so we packed up camp and started up Logan Canyon.

Unfortunately, we got to the top of the hill and were turned around by a couple of state troopers. A terrible accident had happened down the road and would be closed for a couple of hours. So we reversed course--we were now behind about a half an hour.

We made a decision to go to Ogden via Evanston. We were making pretty good time, well that is, until the tire on the scout trailer hauling on the gear blows out about halfway there. Really?!? Hiccup #2 has put us behind another half an hour.

That is one shredded tire!

The awesome family hauling the trailer volunteered to repair the tire in Evanston, so the rest of the group could try to make it to the open house.

So our last route option was through Ogden Canyon. We were doing pretty good, until we hit hiccup #3, road construction, where a mile-stretch of the road was narrowed to one lane. We sat waiting for about 15 to 20 minutes for our turn--we had time to hand out treats to all the kids and have a quick dance party while we were parked. It was kind of getting humorous now!

Lee handed out Rice Krispie treats to everyone

As you can imagine, we were late. Like really late.

We had prayed before we left. We prayed when the tire blew. And we prayed as we were coming down Ogden Canyon that we would be let into the open house.

Our goal is finally in sight--the Ogden Temple

Thankfully, our prayers were answered and we were greeted by a super nice volunteer who let us in, saying our reservation was "close enough" even though we were over an hour and a half late! Wahoo!

It was a relief to finally be there and also to be in such a reverent and beautiful place. The newly renovated Ogden Temple was breath-taking. I loved the art, the intricate chandeliers, and the etched glass dome in the Celestial Room. It was a wonderful ending youth conference experience for our small group of tired, bedraggled youth!

After the Ogden Temple House

We believe that these temples are the house of God and that they are sacred once they are dedicated. We make covenants with God within these temples and are so grateful for this relationship we have with God.

As Lee and I reflected on what had happened en route to the temple, we were reminded of how much Satan wants to keep us away from God. I'm grateful we persisted and didn't get discouraged despite all the roadblocks that were in our way.

The Ogden Temple will have its open house till September 6, 2014--you can reserve a time or go stand-by. As we found out, they won't turn anyone away!


  1. Would going through Tremonton been closer? So sorry, satan loves to stress us out especially when we are trying to do our best.

  2. Yay!! So glad you made it! And what a great life metaphor. :)


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