Sunday, February 16, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 7

What a zany, zealous, and zonked-out week. We got up early a lot this week, so it's nice to have a long weekend. We hope you're enjoying it too!

Sunday, February 9: As we headed out of Las Vegas, we did a quick stop at the Bellagio Atrium and it was so beautifully decorated for the Chinese New Year. It was so bright and colorful--it was nice to get some sun!

The courtyard at the Bellagio

Monday, February 10: It was such a warm afternoon and the clouds were lovely, even the Walker Center sign was red to warn of an upcoming storm.

Downtown Salt Lake City

Tuesday, February 11: Okay, so I may be a little obsessed with the Walker Center sign. But the colors were lovely again and it was blinking a sign of a nice night.

Walker Center sign

Wednesday, February 12: Lee hung up our Umbra coat racks. We have a coat rack, people! We finally have a respectable entry way. Wahoo! The January Cure has been great for us and our little apartment.

January Cure landing strip coat rack

Thursday, February 13: Lightning and thunder! In February! So weird, but I loved it.

February rain clouds

Friday, February 14: Our Valentine's Day was full of practical and grown-up events, including a trip to the DMV to renew my driver's license and a funeral viewing. It's a good thing that Valentine's is not a huge holiday for us.

Hanging out at the DMV

Saturday, February 15: Cheesecake sampler at Plates and Palates with some friends. We got to visit Lee AND have dessert--it's a win-win!

Mmmm...cheesecake at Plates and Palates

We hope you have a zippy upcoming week, friends!


  1. Does Lee work at Plates and Palates? I go there for lunch whenever I'm up in that end of the valley (which isn't often)...

    it's a great place!

    1. Yes, he does! You should say hi to him when you're in next time. Just tell him we took a couple classes together and we started blogging about the same time.


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