Sunday, February 9, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 6

What a wonderful, wacky, whirlwind of a week we've had!

Sunday, February 2: I was about to body slam Lee, so I think he was trying to protect himself. Smart!

Defenses up!

Monday, February 3: We had both just gotten home and were glad to see each other. Selfie!

Monday selfie

Tuesday, February 4: During the January Cure, we finally hung up these pictures. It was originally a beautiful letterpress card with a picture of an eye, a heart, and a ewe. This is up our "nerdy" alley, so we had to get it.

Eye Heart Ewe

Wednesday, February 5: The clear skies lately have made for some gorgeous light on the snow-covered mountains in the mornings.

Perfectly pink mountains

Thursday, February 6: Even though the Walker Center kept blinking red, warning of an upcoming storm, I didn't think much about it with these lovely skies.

Winter warning sign

Friday, February 7: In honor of the Sochi Winter Olympics today, Lee made us some borscht and I got to have it for lunch. Yum!


Saturday, February 8: We headed down to Las Vegas for the weekend to enjoy some warm weather and sun and also to attend the Good Job, Brain meet-up. Yup, we were geeking out. It sure was fun meeting Karen, Dana, Chris, and Collin!

Good Job, Brain meet-up selfie

Anyway, we hope you have a worthwhile upcoming week!


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