Sunday, November 10, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 44

It's been a bonkers, busy, and berserk week! How's your week been?

November 3: We play Fruit Ninja with a cute kid at church sometimes. Apparently, he likes to play Fruit Ninja only with us. Maybe it's because we always lose.

Fruit Ninja

November 4: We're at the Smith's Marketplace and we needed to do some exercises while we were there.

Working it

November 5:  We had a quiet evening, so we were just goofing off.


November 6: Our friend, Em, stopped by to talk about our new blog logo and header. We're still tweaking it, but doesn't it look so good?!?

The talented Em

November 7: It's pretty nice to see the sunset with the time change. I know it's not going to last very long, but gotta enjoy it while it's here!

Waiting for the bus

November 8: Grabbing some dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory, where we had our first date! I think we actually haven't been here since our first date.

Dinner time

November 9: It was Grandma Malad's 90th birthday celebration. I was fun celebrating her life with the family. I loved how we ended up singing songs that she would sing when she was younger.

Our beautiful Grandma Malad

We hope you have a beautiful upcoming week, friends!


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