Saturday, September 28, 2013

What's making us happy this week

How's your week been, friends? We had a fabulous evening with good friends (we'll call them the Oceans) last night. They lived in Stockholm for graduate school a couple years ago, and one of the things they do in Sweden at this time of the year is have a Crawfish Party.

And guess what? They invited us to their Crawfish Party! (Here in Utah, that is. Not in Sweden. Though I'm sure they would have invited us to their Crawfish Party in Sweden if they were still there.)

It was awesome and delicious and fun to get messy! How can you not have fun when you're wearing crawfish bibs?!?

Yes, Lee is also wearing a crawfish party hat too!

Anyway, we hope you're happy and that you get a few minutes to enjoy this beautiful day!

What's making Lee happy this week:

  • Definitely eating crawfish with good friends and their cute kids.
  • #mywifehashtagstoomuch
  • Trying to figure out what we and Lars should be for Halloween. Maybe this?
  • We're soaking Miyazaki, our shiitake log, this week so we can drop him soon.
  • We're getting together soon with friends to do our own lip sync battle.

What making Winter happy this week:

  • I could do better at this. I think I'll try a mix tape and going outside and hanging out with other happy people today.
  • Must have a tree house. And a tree house elevator!
  • Had a great time working on my assignment for Read Like a Writer this week. 
  • Holy cow! This kid is a ham! 
  • I'm grateful that my husband is a fierce gentleman. That's hot--just saying.


  1. I think Lee should dress up like Lars.

  2. I think Lee should dress up like Lars.


What's that you say?