Sunday, September 22, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 37

Wow! What an emotional, educational, and energetic week this has been. It has really made my head spin! Lots of things going on, lots of stuff to think about, and many classes that I've been taking this week with my 10-Class Challenge.

Checking the gray in our cameras

We're glad to be alive and grateful for everything we have and are able to do.

September 15: Quick selfie after church. I love Lee's green glasses.

September 16: Had to take a pic before I pulled out of my parking space. The light and the leaves are turning and it is beautiful!

Pretty yellow leaves through my window

September 17: Green isn't my favorite color (red is), but it is Lee's, so most of the stuff he gets me is green, such as this Moleskin and iPad cover. I love green too and I love that he wants to share it with me.

Retro moleskin

September 18: Fiddling with the exposure compensation on my point-and-shoot camera during my Landscape Photography Today class. Even though I don't yet have a fancy DSLR, I'm amazed out how advanced these "basic" cameras are getting.


September 19: Both Lee and I had class this week, but we both ditched a little early to get to the Muse concert downtown. Muse was my first rock concert a few years back and I have loved them since then. They are grandiose and epic, and this concert was no different! Fave songs they played that night: Supremacy (2nd Law) and Knights of Cydonia (Black Holes).

Muse TV pyramid

September 20: We went to a friend's wedding reception, and it was held in the backyard of the groom's family. It was well done and beautiful. Plus, the bride and groom were so good looking too!

Related and funny note about the bride: she's an esthetician and waxed Lee's back the one and only time he's had anything waxed. This was before we went to visit my sister in California so he could meet my family while we were dating. He didn't want me to be embarrassed by his hairy back if we went to the beach. Little did he know, I could have cared less!

Clark and Brooke!

September 21: It was the night of football's Holy War: University of Utah versus BYU. But, there is no rest for the wicked (or the weird): Lee had to go change some light bulbs in the apartment complex after work. He's so weird AND a hard worker.

Such a weirdo!

Anyway, I hope you have an electrifying upcoming week, friends!


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