Sunday, July 28, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 29

It's been an friend-filled, family-filled, and fantastic week.

July 21: We were celebrating my sister's birthday a little early with a small family BBQ. I shared a room with her all growing up, and we drove each other crazy. But it's been great fun to become friends as adults.

Birthday BBQ!

July 22: I love this guy. I remember when I first met Lee, I thought his eyes were so big.

I love Lee!

July 23: We were invited to Lee's best friend's family's place for the annual pool party to watch the Bountiful Handcart Days fireworks. There were glow sticks too. We sat in the pool for four hours and were prune-y by the time the firework show finished. It was a great night.

Glow sticks galore!

July 24: I made these s'mores cupcakes for a BBQ this last week. They are so rich. Like SO rich. I love how you can still see the layers in these cupcakes.

Delicious and summer-like!

July 25: In this fast-food restaurant, we saw this oil painting of a Greek seaside town. It was quite beautiful, but it was so out of place. I love the big blobs of paint, the texture of oil painting. I'm going to learn how to oil paint one day.

Looks like smeared ketchup

July 26: We went to see Lee's sister, Thing One, work at her new job at an Indian restaurant. We had a pistachio and cardamom rice pudding--delicious! Plus, it was fun to give Thing One a hard time. I think we made her nervous, because we were harassing her in front of her boss.

Speckled rice pudding

July 27: Bets and J-Duck were in town, so a bunch of us went to lunch at Lee's work, then went to get pedicures. MiSharona and I were waiting for the others to finish up, and we couldn't help but play with the claw-like, single-finger nail models that you find at every Asian-run nail salon. MiSharona was deep in thought while we waited.

Hmm...I'm just thinking!

Anyway, I hope you have a funny upcoming week!


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