Sunday, May 12, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 19

What a nutso, nerve-racking, and also nice week.

May 5: We visited an elderly lady in our neighborhood. She wanted to show us some pictures, so Lee got up to help her with the albums.

I love the light!

May 6: We went to pick up some oyster sauce at the Chinese store. We also had to pick up some weird Asian snakcs including these YanYan treats that had these new sayings etched into the biscuit sticks. It was like an edible fortune cookie fortune!

Goat, you are lucky today. Thanks, YanYan sticks!

May 7: We (sort of) surprised our friend, MiSharona, for her birthday at the restaurant CousCous Mediterranean Grill. We all tried to duck and hide when she walked in, but she knew we were there. Doh!

We were about to play Heads Up Seven Up

May 8: I drove Robyn, our corvette to Mutual and I forgot to turn off the lights until after I turned off the car. Robyn was winking at me!

Wink wink!

May 9: Dinner at one of our fave places in Bountiful--Aloha Grindz.

Aloha Grindz--a hole in the wall with the best food!

May 10: We headed down to Price, Utah to go asparagus hunting with my friend. It was beautiful there.

Missed the storm by a little bit in Price, Utah at sunset

May 11: My friend's dad's neighbor in Price raises Shetland ponies. They also recently bought a couple of mini donkeys--they were SO cute! Look at how cute their faces are! SO CUTE!

Mini donkeys--adorable!

I hope you have neat-o upcoming week!

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  1. Super awesome week! We even saw you one night as you were leaving your place. We drove by on our way to the Rec Center to take our boys swimming. Also thought of you on the 9th. S Prasdnikom! Get together soon?


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