Saturday, November 17, 2012

When in Rome...

Or rather, when in Washington DC, do as the DC-ers do.

We realized pretty quickly while walking around and on the metro that we were from out of town, because:

1. Locals wear dark colors, especially now that it's getting colder. I was lucky to have brought a dark purple jacket, but Lee brought his lime green Cloudveil jacket and you could tell immediately he was a tourist. The next night, I wore my purple/pink pants and I was totally out of place. If you want to look even more like you don't belong there, wear light-colored tennis shoes.

He kind of fits in a little better in the Chinatown district in his bright green jacket.

2. Locals are always carrying something--a bag, a purse, a briefcase--something. Imagine how I felt the first night when I opted not to bring my side bag. Awkward!

I don't have a purse, bag, attache--nothing! Eek!

3. Locals follow the escalator rules of the metro. The rules are: Stand on the right. Walk on the left. We've both known that there are unwritten metro escalator rules having lived in Russia, but Yandary informed us that there is a term for people stand on the left while riding the escalators--they're called "escaleftors". Clever!

Lee tried to make up for looking like a tourist by trying to help others (who looked like tourists) figure out how to buy a metro pass. He is totally a pro at buying metro passes. (Sadly, I still looked like a tourist with my camera around my neck, taking this picture of him.)

Always so helpful

So, if you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb while visiting Washington DC, take our advice and wear dark clothes, carry a bag, and don't be an "escaleftor"!

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  1. Winter!!!! didn't know you are in town!! You should visit me next time or this time if you are in DC. We are only 40-45mins away in Maryland!!

    Miss you =)


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