Thursday, November 15, 2012

Washington DC Monuments at Night and a Bet

The reason I was in Washington DC was for a work conference, and Lee decided to come along for a little vacation.

So a bit of our time together was in the evening after a full day of conference sessions. We'd grab a bite to eat at one of the places that Yandary recommended, then we'd go see the monuments at night (like she recommended also).

Our first night out, we headed to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and all the other monuments in that area. The view was gorgeous as we walked around!

Beautiful Jefferson Memorial at night
Washington and Jefferson Memorials

On the steps, Lee happened to see a raccoon scurrying a few feet away, thus his distracted look while I was taking his picture.

Lee looks a little worried about the raccoon.

We also saw the new Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. I thought it was beautifully done, though I know there is still controversy surrounding it.

MLK Jr Memorial at night

Now it was the Roosevelt monument that was the source of our bet.

As we were heading toward the FDR Memorial, I mentioned that the next monument would be the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. Lee turned to me and said that it wasn't, but rather the Theodore  Roosevelt Memorial.

I had been to the FDR monument years ago, so I was pretty sure it was dedicated to FDR. But Lee insisted that it was the Teddy Roosevelt monument, and even bet me $10 that it was.

I went for it, because I was sure there wasn't a monument (yet) to Theodore Roosevelt.

It's the Theodore DEBAUBLES Roosevelt Monument

As we approached the stone sign that said Franklin Delano Roosevelt Monument, Lee covered my eyes and said "Oh look, it's the TDR monument. Theodore....Debaubles Roosevelt monument! I win!"

Ha ha! I guess he had seen a map of the Theodore Roosevelt Island nearby and was positive that it was the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial. I also love that he gave Theodore a middle name of Debaubles to match the D in FDR.

Oh yeah, and I won $10!

The FDR Monument 

It was a fun time and would highly encourage you to check out the monuments at night!


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