Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Things to do on Thanksgiving

Lee and I were discussing today if there was anything planned after all the food is done on Thanksgiving. He didn't think there was anything on the agenda, so I've been thinking about what would be good and fun to do after the Thanksgiving meal.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Here are a few things that I'll probably do after the main feast:

  1. Help with the dishes and cleanup. Mom K is always doing all the prep work and cooking the day of, it's always good to help afterward so she gets a break!
  2. Chat with the extended relatives who will be over for dinner. I gotta hear about grandpa's elk he got during the elk hunt.
  3. Watch part of a football game. I'm not sure why, but I like watching some football during Thanksgiving.
  4. Go on a walk. There was a lot of food consumed earlier--enough said.
  5. Play some board games. We like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. Lee wants to start a game of Risk.

I don't think we necessarily have any Thanksgiving Day traditions besides being together and eating together.  Do you? Discuss.


  1. My family used to play risk! It seemed to be a tradition for someone to cry because they were left out of the alliances being formed too... But it was the best!

    1. I kind of love that crying is the tradition...

  2. Matthew i always wanting to play risk (not just after a Thanksgiving meal) so next time we are together maybe they can play!

    1. I hear it can take days to play...that means you'll have to spend a long time out here!


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