Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Man Baby Shower

Lee's lovely sister and brother-in-law just celebrated 2 months with their new baby boy. It seemed like yesterday when we threw a Little Man Baby Shower for her. She was supposed to be on bed rest during the shower and had to get special permission to come. We're glad she came!

J and S

I asked a good friend to get creative with the theme of the "Little Man" and mustaches and elephants, since J and S were planning on decorating the nursery with some pictures of Babar. And this is the amazing invitation she came up with:

This mustache and elephant Little Man baby shower invitation turned out so well!

So dang cute!

We held the shower at Mom K's home and it was a perfect August day. The decorations my friend made were super adorable.

Loved how these turned out.

We had to put up a cute bunting since we were having the party out on the deck. And a little mini bunting for the cake.

Perfect place to have a party

Lemon Cream Layer Cake

We served root beer in bottles and water in mason jars.

Going for that old timey feeling

Because I'm not a huge fan of baby shower games (no, I don't want to play the Guess the Poop/Candy Bar game!), we created a Make a Wish card that everyone filled out. It had wishes for the baby like "I hope you love _______" and "I hope you always ______". I hole punched and bound all the cards together and gave them to my sister-in-law after the party.

A Wish for Baby

I also had my friend make these templates for an ABC book and asked everyone to write a letter of the alphabet (or two) and draw a picture for the letter. The pages were later put into a photo album and given to her.

I particularly liked letter M of the ABC book

My favorite part was probably the photo booth with these great zig-zag accordion streamers as a backdrop...

So easy to make

...and these mustaches that were cut out of foam and attached to bamboo skewers.

Have fun with different mustaches

And everyone got into character (lots of pics ahead!):

Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun celebrating J and S and their soon-to-come little man.

This was an outfit that S wore when he was a baby.


  1. OH MY GOSH that is too cute!! I love those foam mustaches! Is it bad that I kind of just want to have one of those lying around the house just for fun?

    1. No way...what do think I do all day?!? I walk around with one of these babies!


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