Thursday, November 1, 2012

Creative Girls Night Out: Painted Shoes

We have some long-time friends, Miss E and her Main Man. I know the Main Man from school, and I watched them meet, date, and get married. They are super fun and sadly have moved out of the state for more schooling.

Before she left, I wanted to have Miss E be in charge of one of our Creative Girls Night Out.

She is so talented and stylish and crafty. You see, Miss E graduated in Architecture and has a lovely design business, as well as a blog where she documents all her fun projects.

She suggested something easy and fun and stylish--painting some canvas shoes like in this post here.


I love projects I can use, so I was on board. I emailed all the Creative Ladies and asked everyone to bring a pair of canvas shoes and any additional embellishments they wanted. Miss E and I rounded up some tape, supplies, and a variety of paint.

Getting ready

It seemed like we all purchased our shoes at Walmart, Target, or Payless Shoes for less than $20.

All our shoes--blank canvases

Miss E showed us how to tape off our shoes. That took some time, since you want to make sure your lines are going with the curve of the shoe.

Be diligent in your taping

The fabric does soak up the paint, so you need several layers for a nice saturated color. Bring a blow dryer if needed.

My first layer painted!

There are definitely some pretty colors out there in the world today!

Look at that pretty pearly green!

There were some who didn't do simple stripes. Some went for color-blocking.

Gray and yellow...good combo

There was some bling!

Yes, those are red sequins that have been Mod Podge-d on!

And fun patterns!

So hipster!

Look at how well we did!

Fun shoes!

This was also the perfect activity to sit around and talk and eat good food, so give it a try yourself--we had a blast!



  1. This was so fun! We really miss all of the awesome get-togethers you plan and host so well. Thanks for all of your kind words, too!

    1. We miss you too! It was really weird not seeing you at Iron Chef! Thanks again for teaching us!


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