Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Iron Chef: Olympics Edition

We got together with some friends over the weekend for Iron Chef and to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

It seemed only natural to choose "The Olympics" as our theme. But how would you translate the "Olympics" into food?

We've covered how you can set up your own Iron Chef parties, and here is how you can twist it to be an Iron Chef: Olympics Edition party.

When you send out the invitation, you can give people four possible options as I did when I emailed everyone. They could:
  1. Make a dish that represents the country you're rooting for (e.g. a Greek salad to represent Greece),
  2. Bring something that represents the host country (e.g. bangers and mash since it's being held in Great Britain),
  3. Make something that represents a sport (e.g. a pan of blue Jello for swimming), or
  4. However you'd like to interpret the theme!

Here's what everyone brought:

1.  Mr. and Mrs. Hugger brought a Spinach Quiche to cheer on France...and because they had an abundance of eggs.  I love a good quiche and it was a good one.
2.  Mr. and Mrs. Giggling G brought an Asian Cabbage Salad to celebrate Asians. All Asians, of course. Go Asians and go this yummy salad!
3.  I brought Mini Pretzel Dogs, which I called the Underdog Dogs, because I love cheering for the underdog.
4.  Miss Hot Scot brought a Rhubarb Crumble with a Vanilla Bean Custard. She lived in England for a while and wanted to represent Great Britain. She did and it was a lovely combination.
5.  Mr. and Mrs. Tron brought Empanadas to cheer for Argentina. Mrs. Tron has some Latin blood running through her veins. She was bummed she bought the wrong wrappers, but I thought they tasted wonderful!
6.  Aidan brought Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Veggies to cheer all Middle Eastern countries, since her dad is from the Middle East. Oh the garlic in this...delish!
7.  D-Train made a Shepherd's Pie for England. Comfort food to the max.

8.  Mrs. Lioness made Baked Fish and Chips for England. Baked?!? Tasted so good!
9.  BeeGee and her roommate made Red, White and Blue Berry Cream Bites to represent the USA. Yes, those are made with vanilla wafers.
10.  BeeGee also brought Pizza Bagels, because they are totally a product of America, right? Pizza + Bagel = America.
11.  Lee brought Orange Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes, which he named the Molten Lava Olympic Rings Cakes in honor of the forged rings in the Opening Ceremonies. This was to die for!
12.  MiSharona made her mom's Potato Salad because it screamed America to her and she is rooting for the USA during the Olympics. I loved the red onion in it.
13.  Po made a Blood Stew to feature blood doping. Oh Po! Yes, it actually had blood in it and actually tasted pretty good. He did bring some aloe juice to make up for it though.
14.  Miss Hot Scot also brought a English Trifle, which was delicious!

The London 2012 Closing Ceremonies is in a couple weeks--maybe you should have an Iron Chef: Olympics Party too!

Do it. You will have fun!

(If you still need to get into the Olympic Spirit, check this and this out!)


  1. What a great idea! I think I'll poll the neighborhood and see if I can drum up some guests for the closing ceremonies...

    1. You will be the hero of the neighborhood!

  2. I think my most favorite part of this post (besides pictures of food) is guessing who is who.
    I'm sad I missed it, it looks like fun!!

    1. We missed you! Now I'm curious to see if you could figure out who everyone is!

  3. We are moving to Bountiful Saturday. I request Lee's dessert to welcome us as your newest neighbors. That is all. I'm not even embarrassed by my selfishness either.

    1. You have no idea how excited we are to be in the land of plenty together! Okay, I'll let him know he has a request!


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