Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Google Doodles: Olympics

Google does this thing called the Google Doodle; they "dress up" their Google logo on the www.google.com landing page to celebrate special days and the lives of famous and influential people. 

They have had a series of them honoring the Olympics the last few days. Here are my favorites so far:

  • Fencing: I like it because one of the fencers is using the l for an epee.

  • Pole Vaulting: Lee's uncle was a pole vaulting champion in high school and college, and I think it's just amazing how much strength, speed, timing and coordination it takes. Plus, it looks like the Google logo is trying to peak in and watch the event because it wasn't able to get a ticket.

  • Synchronized Swimming: I tread water poorly, so I am always impressed with these ladies. Plus, their makeup is always flawless.  

Today's doodle features a hurdler who you can control! You use your left and right arrows to make the guy run and the space bar to make him jump. And you get a medal when he crosses the finish line! Give it a try. I am definitely getting better.

I hear that tomorrow, there will be doodle with a basketball player you can control too.

Hope you are enjoying the Olympics!


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