Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pastry Wednesday: A New Member and a Key Lime Pie from Costco

This particular Pastry Wednesday, we welcomed a new member to our group. We'll call her Rx2Ex.

Colonel Mustard invited Rx2Ex to join our PW group. Colonel Mustard was pretty sneaky about it too. It was originally his turn to bring something, but convinced Rx2Ex that she should bring the next treat as part of her first time with us.

Rx2Ex is cutting up her PW treat

That was sneaky!

But Rx2Ex was a good sport and brought a Key Lime Pie from Costco.

Now, we all were a little taken back.


We've never had anything from Costco or a grocery store before for PW!

The Key Lime Pie from Costco--it was huge!

I've never had the key lime pie from Costco, so I set my skepticism aside and gave it a try. Plus, it wasn't a fake electric green color like other key lime pies I've seen before, which is a good sign in my book.

My slice of pie--yummy!

The crust was awesome--it was a buttery graham cracker crust that wasn't too crumbly.

The custard portion was a tart citrus flavor. Colonel Mustard commented that he is always surprised at how Key Lime pies often taste more lemon-y than lime-flavored. Hmm...I'll have to pay more attention to future Key Lime pies. I always think of Key Lime pies as too sour, but that's coming from a person who doesn't handle sour things well. Thankfully there was plenty of whipped cream to tame the tart!

My only issue with the entire pie was the custard was a little grainier in texture than I would have preferred. I wonder why it turned grainy?

Love me some graham cracker crust!

Overall, all the members of PW enjoyed it. If you haven't tried it before, it's definitely tasty.


  1. Costco pies rock! I haven't tried the Key Lime, but I am headed there after work and if one just happens to jump in my basket, I can't be held responsible...

    1. Ha ha! Let me know what you think!


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