Saturday, June 2, 2012

Not your typical Campbell's soup!

On Thursday night, Lee came home pretty late from school and woke me up.
"Honey, honey, did you see the email that I sent you?"
"Hmm...? What email?"
 "I won 1st place for my soup at class today!"
He was shining a picture of his soup from his really bright phone screen in my sleepy eyes, which were previously closed because I had been sleeping in our dark bedroom.
 "Good job, honey. I'm going back to sleep....[snore]."

Lee's soup!

Geez, I'm a jerk wife, aren't I?

Anyway, the next morning, Lee showed me the picture again and told me the whole story.

He was split into a group of four in his Basic Food Preparation class. Each group had to make 5 different types of soup: New England clam chowder, cream of tomato, chicken noodle, french onion, and corn chowder.  I don't know how Lee got the short end of the stick, but he ended up making both the chicken noodle and the tomato soup for his group.

So naturally I was proud of him, thinking he won the best cream of tomato soup out of the 4 or 5 other tomato soups.

But he clarified that the professor said his was the best soup out of ALL the soups, not just the tomato.  She said that it had the best flavor, best presentation, and best all around!

Wow!  Now I am just beaming! School has not always been Lee's favorite thing, but it seems like he has finally found something he loves and is doing well.

Donning his chef's jacket

Strong work, Lee! Now, will you make me some so I can try too?  I've got a grill cheese sandwich that needs some dipping!


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