Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pastry Wednesday: Les Madelines - An Assortment

Sugaraholic was in charge of Pastry Wednesday this go around.

She fretted about it.

Sugaraholic trying the assortment

I don't know if you've noticed yet, but Pastry Wednesday has turned into more of Pastry Monthly.  It's a little harder to coordinate six people's schedules nowadays, plus a few of us are really trying to get in shape!

Because of this, I feel like the adage "absence makes the heart grow fonder" fits our situation perfectly--there is anticipation and expectation for our monthly meeting now.

Sugaraholic actually "auditioned" one other bakery, The Avenues Bakery, to see if that would be Pastry-Wednesday-worthy. It didn't make the cut.  She said it was good and I agreed (she brought me a sample), but she said the cost to benefit ratio was too great.

So she chose a place we've seen once before on Pastry Wednesday, Les Madeleines, though Sugaraholic didn't get a chance to partake originally.

A good choice, Sugaraholic!

She brought an assortment of pastries.

Oh, this looks so good!

She got the kouing-aman again.  Yes!

(I may or may not have highly suggested she get one if she happened to go to Les Madeleines--she, of all people, needed to try it!  Lucky for us, she got a few to share.)

Kouing Aman...amen!

Look at that crusty, sugary, layered goodness--to die for!  Thankfully, she loved it.  I don't know if I could've been her friend anymore if she didn't.  Just saying.

She also got these simple Black and White Cookies.  When you get one, taste the white portion by itself. It's lemon-y! It wasn't particularly extraordinary, but it was good.

Black and white cookies

These are what we had last.  Aren't they as cute as a button?

Cute cannele!

I called Les Madeleines to figure out the name of this next pastry, because Sugaraholic couldn't remember what they were called.  I described it to the staff--looks like a cork, crusty on the outside, but egg-y on the inside.  They had no idea what I was talking about.  I ended up sending a phone picture of it to one of the employees there.  They finally understood what I was talking about. 

It's a cannele. 

Look at that crust and the bubbles!

I am not sure how they are made, but the outside is crusty and caramelized on the edges and is chewy and egg-y on the inside, almost custard-like. Look at those bubbles!  The employee at Les Madeleines mentioned that they didn't have any this month because they like to mix up their selection and try baking new things.

Les Madeleines pastries--they are reliably amazing!  We will need to continue to eat our way through this bakery and all their monthly pastries they want to try out.

Les Madeleines
216 East 500 South
Salt Lake City, UT


  1. I've driven by there a few times and wondered about it...

    Guess I need to stop now!

  2. Everytime I access my dashboard I catch up on the Winter Redd Party...and today I discovered Pastry Wednesday. Tisk Tisk but this diabetic is going to throw caution to the wind and finegle some RUBY SNAP cookies.

    Glad to see you're still publishing one of the best blogs on the net. Miss red couch you designed in class. Let me know when you're at the store so we can visit when I bring my life savings to sample the eggy cork thingys... As you know: New friends are silver...but old friends are GOLD!

    So are these blogs. I'm readying a world class Santa Training Text from my SANTA's COSMIC SLEIGH, how to build your own North Pole LINK:

    Teaching Moment Boosters is turning into another book, with a special ssection on Wannabe Grampas who left mortality with our own OBE: The Greast Grampa Hall of Fame. Until this week it's honored friends postumously...but YouTube will soon sport a tribute to my first living recipient-- Dr. Rick Curtis, an orthodontist who retired and accepted a call to serve in South Africa as the Executive Secretary to the area presidency, specifically Elder Dale Renlund the area president under Elder Holland for the area. Funny thing, before going to the second quorum and now the first quorum he was a world class heart surgeon and assistant to Dr. Curtis in a high priests group in the 3rd ward next door.

    Many good wishes as Lee embarks on his chef-ing mid life career change. Sounds like you guys are headed in the direction of your dreams. Can't wait to taste the cookies...and your pastries (just a taste, mind you) and meet the chef to compare whiskers! Good on you always...Jon for Rosie at

    My most recent project is producing a major motion picture for the LDS niche market entitled MISSIONARY BOXER--the life story of Willard and Rebecca Bean who served for years at the Joseph Smith farm outside Palmyra New York and acquired the Hill Cumorah from a stingy, greedy banker who became their friend and son's namesake: Pliny Sexton

    Here's a link or two about the All Church Award Winning Stage Musical a production team of friends in the Holladay Stake wrote and produced with a cast and crew of more than 100 people ten years ago.

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    And finally an old video production of THAT STAR about a national news broadcast from World headquarters in ROME. The Cronkite-ish anchor is a bit young and baldfaced to be me, don'tcha think?


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