Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pastry Wednesday: Gourmandise's Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake

Our newest member, Colonel Mustard, brought his first pastry for Pastry Wednesday.

Apparently, he fretted over his decision for weeks.  I think we scared him when we told him it would be near impossible to find anything that Sugaraholic hadn't tried yet.  Sugaraholic has tasted a lot of pastries in the valley!

He finally decided on this cake: The Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake from Gourmandise.

CM was all excited to share his choice; however, our actual Pastry Wednesday meeting didn't go down.  We were all swamped at work, so we each got a piece of cake in a plastic bag for later.

Cake in a bag for later.

It's layers of chocolate cake, white cake, raspberry mousse and dark chocolate mousse.

Look at those layers!

It's topped with fresh raspberries and chocolate vermicelli (i.e. chocolate sprinkles).  I've never gotten it as an entire cake, so I've never had the sprinkles before!  Fun!

Vermicelli = sprinkles

I love the beautiful designs on top drawn in chocolate and the plump raspberries atop each piece.

I wish I had a picture of the entire cake...this will have to do!

When I got around to eating my piece of cake in the late afternoon, I was reminded of two things:

  1. Gourmandise knows how to make cake SO very well. 
  2. Mousse kicks buttercream frosting's butt!  I am a big fan of the lightness of the different mousse layers versus a too-sugary, too-sweet buttercream icing.  

We all agreed that this was an excellent inaugural pastry choice by Colonel Mustard!  But you may want to see how he did and try for yourself!

Gourmandise Bakery
250 South 300 East
Salt Lake City, Utah


  1. Holy Cow! Are you kidding me?! I am going to find that and eat it!!

    1. It's seriously so good! Go on a date and grab some cake!


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