Saturday, September 17, 2011

Random Tidbit: The Most Famous Scream in Hollywood

Lee and I were watching some Saturday morning cartoons, and Beauty and the Beast happened to be on this morning.  It came to the scene where the mob of villagers storms the castle and the "furniture" fights back, remember that part?

Anyway, we're watching, thoroughly enjoying the fact that the furniture is attacking the villagers.

But then Lee turns to me and asked, "Did you just hear that scream?  It's the "famous" scream!"

The "famous" scream...there's a scream?

He recently heard on NPR a bit on a famous stock scream used a lot in Hollywood.  So he started googling and found out the "famous" scream is called the Wilhelm Scream.

The scream originated in 1951 in a movie called Distant Drums, but got it's name and greater fame when a character named Wilhelm got shot in the leg with an arrow in the movie The Charge at Feather River (1954).  And this scream is now in everything!

You gotta check this Wilhelm Scream compilation:

I'm on the lookout now--or rather hear-out for the scream!


  1. That's crazy!!! I was amazed at how many of my favorite movies used it and I never noticed!

  2. That's pretty funny. I had heard about the Wilhelm scream, well it's pretty recognizable. I am a listener of the Mugglecast podcast and they were making mention of the scream sound effects since the scream they used for Voldemort in a bunch of the trailers was exactly the same and used repeatedly. It was pretty funny. Seriously go watch the last Harry Potter trailer they put out and you'll hear the Voldy Scream. Gotta love sound effects.


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