Thursday, June 16, 2011

How we store our watches

Lee and I got married a week before Christmas two years ago.

Yes, it was a lovely, romantical time to get married.  We loved it and we wouldn't have changed a thing.


However, the only major drawback to getting married around the holidays is the I-have-to-think-of-2-major-clever-and-thoughtful-gifts-for-our-anniversary-AND-Christmas-within-a-week's-time dilemma.

That's when we decided to buy each other a watch for every anniversary.  We love watches.  So now, we don't have to think about WHAT we're getting each other, just which one!

We've only been married two and half years and we've already got a nice little collection of watches--but, we really needed a place to store them.

This is what Lee found at an antique store called Jitterbug Antiques last week.

Can you tell what it is?

Does it look familiar now?

It's one of those old school Coca-Cola crates for bottled cokes!

We were actually looking for a wedding present for my sister's friend.  My sister, we'll call her Jem the Rocker, told me her friend wanted a Coke crate to make a wall-mounted succulent display.  (You can find some other cool things to do with vintage soda crates here.)

Apparently, I didn't quite get what Jem the Rocker was saying, because I asked Lee to find a plastic Coke crate that was a lot deeper and larger.  I had in my head something that looked more like a plastic milk crate or one of those bread trays.  I know..way off!

And apparently Lee didn't quite get what I was asking for either--which is a good thing--because we got this instead!  And because I thought we got the wrong thing all together, we didn't give it to her.

But look--the compartments are perfect for displaying our watches!

My Oregon Scientific sportswatch (Pre-Lee purchase)

Lee's Nixon "The Rocker" (Pre-Winter purchase)
Winter's Nixon "The Vega" - Birthday present from Lee.

Lee's Nixon "Rotolog" - (Pre-Winter purchase)

Lee's Philippe Starck "O-Ring" - 1st anniversary watch

Winter's Nixon "The Motif" - 1st anniversary watch

Lee's Nixon "The Platform" - 2nd anniversary watch

Winter's Vestal "The Rosewood" - 2nd anniversary watch

Our lovely little Coke crate watch display thingee

However, we may be gifting this to Mom K because she loves all products Coke-themed...(Mom K, ignore this blog post if you happen to be reading this)...

So, if you have any other bright ideas or cool ways to display watches (and glasses, for that matter), we'd love to hear them! 


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