Sunday, May 8, 2011

Because of Her

Mother's Day is usually a different kind of day for me.  My mom has been gone for over 22 years now--she died of cancer when I was 10 years old.

It usually is a day that I look back on how she influences my life, even though my memories of her are fewer than I'd like them to be.

My mom at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii

Isn't she beautiful?

Because of her, I know family is important.

The Grand Canyon:  Who knew you could do so much with pillowcases!

And it's important to have fun as a family.

This is where I get my craziness from!

And it's important to work together as a family.

Working in the family restaurant, where we served burgers, Mexican food, and Chinese food.

Because of her, I know it's important to be faithful to what you know to be true.

My mom and dad were amongst the first group of Hong Kong saints to be sealed to their spouses in the Provo Temple

And how important it is to marry the man you love.

My mom and dad

And because of her, I smile often and I smile big.

Once again I ask, isn't she beautiful?

I hope you get a chance to think about how awesome your mom is and all the lessons she has taught you, even those taught indirectly yet powerfully because of who she was and is.

And then go tell your mom that you love her and that you're thankful for everything she's done for you.  Because she's done a lot for you.  And you know it. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there!


  1. Wow, your mom IS beautiful and so are all these lovely words you've written about her. A very touching post indeed!

  2. she is beautiful...and you definitely have her smile!


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