Sunday, November 7, 2010

Date Night with Real Salt Lake

Yesterday, Lee and I had our date night at the semi-final MLS soccer game between Real Salt Lake and FC Dallas.  We had a few reasons to be excited:
  1. Soccer is awesome!
  2. Date night is awesome!
  3. The Utes lost to the Horned Frogs earlier that afternoon, so we were hoping we would have better luck at the Real game.
  4. Churros taste so much better at sporting events.

If you've never been before, here are a few things that I look forward to:
  • The extremely graceful players.
He's levitating!
High kick!

This guy looks like he just completed a triple salchow!
  • The wonderful acting.
Act 1.  There was a collision.

"This guy is REALLY hurt.  Look at him--he's on the ground. It obviously was that guy's fault."
"Oh I'm SO hurt!  I'm on the ground, moaning in pain. Yellow card that guy, ref! (moan!)"  End of Act 1.
  • The atmosphere.
The Rio Tinto Stadium--beautiful!
  • The food.
Nachos!  Yum!
  • And the crazy crazy fans.
These fans have a drums, chanting, a smoke/fog machine and a confetti machine.   Crazy!
The Real flag got passed along by the fans
Streamers are key to celebrating a goal!

This guy was dressed as a soccer cleat and his date was dressed as a soccer ball!  Crazy fans!

The score was 1-1, but Real needed to score 2 more points to win outright and advance (I'm not sure how all that works out, so ask Lee.)  Oh well.  We still had a great time!  Soccer is so much bigger than you can imagine--if you ever get a chance to go, take it! 

A couple more crazy fans!


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