Sunday, March 21, 2010

We are the champions!

Lee and I competed in the Utah Winter Games yesterday--in curling.  Yes, in curling and we are proud to admit it!

I know what you're thinking--"How in the world did they get into curling???"
Actually, what you're probably thinking is "What the heck is curling anyway???"

We like to describe it as shuffleboard on ice.  You slide stones down a sheet of  ice, trying to get the stones closest to the target   If you're really curious about curling, Wikipedia and USA Curling both describe it nicely.  Yes, you have to sweep the ice--it's the way you smooth down the pebbled ice so the stone has a path to travel.

I started attending the Learn to Curl class at the Kearns Olympic Oval shortly after the 2002 Winter Olympics.  It was fascinating!  And extremely do-able!  Lee and I went curling when we were still dating. It was grand fun!

Last night was the first time we had ever played a real game.  We teamed up with Laura and Mike, a couple of other novice curlers and competed against 5 other teams.  We had a blast, playing for over 3 hours at the Park City Ice Arena.

And guess what??

We won the Utah Winter Games Silver Medal in Curling (novice)!!!  Woot! 

So if you ever want to go curling, we are game to come with you!  Just give us a holler!



We actually heard from the person that tallied the points for the curling competition, and she admitted that they didn't factor in a point for us.  If they did, we would have been tied for GOLD!  We would have had to have a quick curl-off to determine the winner. 

Yes, people, you are in the presence of potential Utah Games gold medalists in the mighty sport of curling!


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