Sunday, March 2, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 9

This week has been a bodacious, boisterous, and beautiful week.

Sunday, February 23: We had a long week, and the perfect cure for a long week is a Sunday nap. And playing your ukelele.

Lee is pooped!

Monday, February 24: I am over the moon about the weather lately. It's been rainy and warm and the air has been clear--I love it. While I was waiting for Lee, I watched this sunset happen and it made me so happy.

Spring sunset in Utah

Tuesday, February 25: Lee buzzes his head pretty often because he gets too hot. We haven't watched Breaking Bad, but I felt like he was channeling Walter White with his freshly shorn head and glasses.

Walter White look-alike

Wednesday, February 26: My tulips from the Lifelong Learning Bulb Forcing class are doing well! A couple of my other bulbs didn't work out, but this set did, so I'm excited to see them bloom soon.

Grow, little bulbs, grow!

Thursday, February 27: My sister is obsessed with cats and every year, I look forward to the birthday card she will send me. She embellished this one and I love it!

Cat crazy!

Friday, February 28: We went to a baby shower for Lee's cousin and spouses were invited to come. All the guys were required to drink a baby bottle full of apple juice without using his hands, and Lee won. He got smart and propped the bottle up on the refrigerator and chugged!

Lee's victory face!

Saturday, March 1: We headed to the State Capitol for my Digital Photography II class field trip to the Utah State Capitol Building. While everyone started taking pictures of inside of the building, I went out straightway because of these clouds. It was a magnificent day to take pictures!

Utah State Capitol view

We hope you had a beauteous week, and we hope even more that you have a balanced upcoming week!


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    1. Thanks, Crystal. I'm definitely aspiring to your photographic skills!


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