Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The best way to learn...

As part of the 10 Class Challenge, I took the class Perfect Pie Crust taught by Chef Katy Monti. I loved the class and reported about it in this post for the Lifelong Learning blog.

After I took that class, I decided to give it a try on my own and was even crazy enough to try to teach what I had learned to some friends from the neighborhood. We'll call them Mrs. Aussie and Mrs. DC. I was a little worried because the class was full and I only observed and took pictures--this girl didn't get her hands dirty at all!

But we got together anyway and started working on the dough.

Mrs. Aussie combining ingredients for pie dough

Since I didn't do the hands-on part of the Perfect Pie Crust class and that's how I like to learn by getting my hands dirty, I was concerned that I would forget everything that Chef Katy taught us.

I was doing pretty good until we started rolling out the dough. I kinda forgot the first major step. I just started rolling it out and it was HARD!

Mrs. DC rolling out her pie dough

But after I made that mistake, my dear friend Mrs. DC said something about how hard it was and a little light bulb of remembrance came on and I recalled that we were supposed to pound the disk of dough to start flattening it first before launching into rolling.

My top crust rolled out like a dream after I first gave it a few whacks with the rolling pin!

What beautiful women and pies!

Our pies turned out pretty and tasted pretty good too!

Pretty proud of our pies

I've always thought that I was a visual and kinesthetic (by movement) learner, but I decided to take a little test (you can take it yourself here to find out how you learn) and found out that I was more of an aural (by sound) learner. I was surprised.

But as I thought about it more, I find that the very best way for me to learn something well is to actually teach it to somebody else. I picture my brain lighting up all over the place as I lay in an MRI scanner teaching someone about chemistry--I'm tapping into all parts of my brain when I teach.

Now I'm curious, what type of learner are you?


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