Sunday, October 6, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 39

Fun, fun, fun--this week! It's been a learning, likeable, and lavish week. Here's how it looked from our point of view.

September 29: Lee made this strawberry and blueberry tart for Sunday dinner with the family. It was delicious! And pretty!


September 30: We went to the wedding celebration of one of Lee's good friends up the canyon. It was beautiful and the perfect autumn evening for a wedding.

After the ring ceremony

October 1: We decided to go on a walk and grab some dinner. We decided on a sandwich at Subway--it was a little weird going to Subway while not being on a trip.

Awkward smile, Lee

October 2: We had to make some flyers for an activity we planned for Friday, so we headed to FedEx for some printing. Lee was being so careful to cut the flyers, starting one at a time. Then, he moved on to several at a time; however, one of the flyers in the stack got turned upside done and it was cut askew. Exasperated, he said, "This is why we don't buy nice things!"

Eyeballing his cutting

October 3: I headed to one of the classes during my 10-Class Challenge: a cooking class centered around eggs. It was SO awesome. Our teacher was excellent. My group was fun. The food was good!

Talking about creme anglaise

October 4: We were supposed to meet some young single adults from our church to go laser-tagging as our activity, but no one showed up because of their work schedules! Oh well! We ended up feeding this horse in the field nearby an apple I had leftover in my lunch bag while we waited.

Hello horsey!

October 5: I went to my 4th class of my 10-Class Challenge: Furniture Refinishing at Alonzo's Furniture. I'm so excited to re-do a chair that I've had on my to-do list for a long time.

Demonstration time!

I hope you have a lighthearted upcoming week, friends!

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  1. Holy Yummy! That food looks so good. Love to see what new thing you are learning. We should all get together soon so that you can pass this wonderful knowledge on:)


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