Sunday, May 26, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 21

What a full, fun, and fabulous week!

May 19:  We've had a bit of rain lately and I just can't get enough of the dark, low-hanging clouds. I snapped this out on a Sunday drive.

I love the green at this time of the year!

May 20: At my aerial silks and trapeze class, watching another student do the gazelle. I still can't do it--bummer!

Such a beautiful pose!

May 21: Callouses on my hands from the aerial silks class. I like the way my tarnished ring looks too.

Getting tougher

May 22: Facelifting the old Zims building downtown. I wonder what it will look like when it's done.

Waiting and looking

May 23: Lee and I were buying treats for our trip to San Francisco and we found this lovely cake wreck. It's a cake that is heart-shaped and frosted to look like a steak!

BBQ Master!

May 24: Mr. and Mrs. 404 looking for crabs at the bay on our trip to San Francisco. We found little baby crabs!

Flip over the rocks to find baby crabs

May 25: We took pictures for this fun Asian family trying to capture a jump. After we took their picture, we made them jump in our picture too!

I really stink at jumping at the right time!

I hope you have a fulfilling upcoming week!

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  1. That top pic looks like the road to my house! I am in heaven with all the green this year...


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