Friday, December 23, 2011

Three Years!

Lee and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary this last weekend. Woot woot!

Lee got all excited about setting up our anniversary weekend--he wouldn't tell me anything we were doing. Late Friday, we headed up to Eden, Utah for a little getaway from the Inversion. (Yes, the thick, foggy air that settles in the Salt Lake valley during the winter warrants capitalization.)

The next morning, Lee cooked me an omelet breakfast.  Omelets and watching How I Met Your Mother--can't beat it. We just discovered HIMYM--hilarious!

Lee then planned for us to get pedis!  Yes, Lee is fond of them despite the goofy look on his face. Lee actually got his first pedi with me 3 years ago exactly, the day before our wedding. 

I love when he giggles like a little school girl when they loofah his feet--he is SO ticklish!

We then headed to dinner at Cafe Molise, which was just yum-O and romantic!

Lee then surprised me and told me that he had purchased tickets to Cirque de la Symphonie with the Utah Symphony. It's like mixing Cirque du Soleil and the symphony.  Oh man, it was amazing!  I couldn't take any pics there, but take a look see at the Youtube video below.  The strongmen, Jarek and Darek, blew our minds!  They were the muscular ones balancing on each other.

It was such a lovely evening.  Heck, it was a lovely day!

Lastly, as some of you know, we give each other a watch as our anniversary gifts. Why?  Well, we got married one week before Christmas and having to think of 2 major gifts in December was too much of a strain on our brains. We figured if we decided on a "what" to get, then we'd just need to choose "which one" every year!

Well, Lee got me a watch I've had my eye on for a while--a Swatch Iron Diaphane Chrono in Burgandy Red. I love it! It's a light watch, traditional looking so I can wear it to work, and it's red! Lee actually presented it to me "al a marriage proposal style"--that guy is super cute.

I love that burgandy red strap!

He requested a "funky" watch for this go-around, since last year, I got him a respectable watch--I think he needed something crazy.  I fretted over Lee's watch as I always do.   Usually, I am worried that he wont' like a certain aspect of a watch that I think is absolutely rad. I finally decided on the Kisai 3D watch from Tokyo Flash. I was worried though that the band would be too shiny.

Here's the watch.  The band is a little shiny, but look at this design!  Can you tell what time is it?

Here's a clue: Look at it as a 3D cube and the numbers are on the sides of the cube. 

Lee loves it.  I was happy that Lee was happy with it--phew!

Wow--three whole years! It has been a real kick and I'm sure grateful we found each other.  I'm even more grateful that we love AND we like each other.   Happy Anniversary to us!

One of our wedding invitation pictures that we sent to our non-respectable friends and family.


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