Saturday, April 2, 2011

Part I: We're Officially Married...Again!

I have two stories to tell you--one is funny and one is just fun.  Today, I'll tell you the first one.

Story No. 1:  The Funny One

Do you remember that funny little blog post where I described Lee losing his wedding ring in the river last year during a rafting trip and how I had secretly re-ordered another version of his ring and how I needed fun ideas on how to "propose" to him and that I wasn't worried about spoiling the surprise because Lee never ever reads our blog and that I was so sure of that fact?  Remember that?

(By the way, I got a lot of great comments and suggestions from all of you on how to "pop the question" and I was super excited to give Lee his new ring.) 

A week after I posted this entry, we were sitting at dinner talking about going to St. George for The SITS Girls Bloggy Bootcamp.  I was excited to get away with Lee for a weekend and also to meet other bloggers at this conference.

Lee then says, "Dear, I've been a bad husband. Maybe I should go and read the blog--it's been a while."
I then reply, trying to stay calm, "You don't have to, honey.  I keep you updated on what I write."
He then says, "But I feel guilty.  You put so much time into it and it's funny and clever."
I then somewhat calmly, but a little bit more anxiously say, "Thanks...but don't read the blog."
Lee then says, "Why not, honey?"
I then say not-at-all calmly and somewhat anxiously, "Just don't read the blog."
Lee then says again, "Why not, honey?

But that's when I noticed one side of his mouth curling up into a little smile.
A smile?

Then I say, realizing, "You read the blog already, didn't you?"
Then Lee laughs and laughs and nods his head, "I was mentioning our blog to my friend at school and I really was feeling guilty, so I went on and read it about a week ago."
I am burying my head in my hands now, "Why did you have to start reading the blog THIS week?!?"
Lee, very pleased with himself, "Aren't you proud of me for keeping it a secret that I knew your secret for almost a week?  Plus, it's your fault for bringing up blogging at dinner."

So much for me being sneaky.  And for not giving my husband more credit! 

That was Funny Story Number One.

To be continued tomorrow...Part II!


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