Friday, March 18, 2011

We have a winner!

Did you all watch the most anticipated game of our-mascot-driven-bracket?? 

Sadly, I didn't--I was at work.

From all the very well-thought (and funny!) comments, it was a toss up between the Fightin' Irish and the Akron Zips (kangaroos).  Here are a couple of your excellent arguements for each side that I particularly liked:

For the Fightin' Irish: 
"So, I'm voting for the Irishman if: A) He uses Lee's lethal tactics, B) He's got a bunch of his buddies cheering him one (Spec"taters"),and C) definitely quite drunk."

For the Zips:
"Sorry Winter, I agree with Lee.
1) A kangaroo has wild instincts and when cornered, I'm sure it'd fight with amazing strikes, thus knocking the Irishmen out.
2) A fighting Irishman (drunk or not) is just a pissed off guy ready for any fight. No tactics. No strategies. Just get 'em while the "guy" is down. Good luck getting that bouncing joey down. Sure his buddy would like to help, but that wasn't the perimeter set. One Irishmen vs. one joey = one joey victorious."

It was a close one, but more of you said the Irish would win.

Well, you were right...

The final score was Notre Dame 69 - Akron 56.

Lee and I ultimately decided that the Fightin' Irish would prevail, mainly because of the AF (alcohol factor). 

And because if Lee were Irish, that poor kangaroo would have no chance. 

It's a good thing he's Danish...and English...and Scandinavian...


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