Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Things I learned on our trip to New Mexico

1)  Armadillos are the only other carriers of leprosy, besides humans.

My Sharona, the girl who knows stuff about armadillos

2) People in the south run over amadillos all the time.  This tidbit was shared by our travel companion and friend, who we'll call My Sharona.

Dr. Amy and My Sharona

3) The word "pitch" can be used to describe the slant of a roof.  They don't have a ton of pitched roofs in New Mexico.

Lee, next to a wall in Chaco

4) A bechamel sauce is a white sauce.  I know like 3 French words now.  Yay for me.

I'm in four states at once!

5) They used a lot of Aston Martins in the opening chase scene of Quantum of Solace.  My heart breaks to see them all bashed up like that.

6) The Chipotle Tabasco Sauce is  You can put it on everything.  Lee just put it on his cereal and he loves it.  Okay, I'm kidding.  But he threatened that he would...if  you don't try it!

7) I have read Great Expectations, though I couldn't remember that I had.  You just don't forget names like Pip, Miss Havasham, and Estella.

Nermal, the traveling monkey

8) Caramel popcorn is best homemade and right after it's been made, because it's warm and chewy.  Thanks, Dr. Amy, for helping me blow my diet this weekend!

Dr. Amy with a friend's baby

9) Caramel popcorn also tastes bests when you take the time to pick out the kernels that haven't popped. It saves your teeth.

My Sharona at the Great Kiva in Chaco

10) Google Navigator is pretty dang awesome.

Shiprock, NM

11) When making lemon pie, you need to keep stirring the custard even though it looks like it's ready.  If you stop prematurely, it won't set up.  My friend, Dr. Amy, makes a killer lemon pie.  Seriously, people, it's amazing.

Singing with our Sing-a-ma-jigs!

12) The people of the Chaco Culture built funny diagonal windows as astronomical markers.  When summer or winter solstice came around, the sun would shine through to the adjacent room.

My Sharona, Dr. Amy, a friend's baby, and I at Chaco

13) I should know more Cantonese than I do. When we got our nails done at the Asian Nails in Farmington, two of the nail techs were half Vietnamese/half Hong Kongese. They started talking to me and all I could do was respond back in English. I'm a bad Chinese person.

In Blanding standing next to my parents' old restaurant

14) Yurts are a pretty popular building choice in New Mexico.

This is not a yurt.  This is Lee holding up the wall...with his manly shoulders!

15) I kind of like companies that parody/mock other companies.  You know that company "Life is Good"?  Did you know there is a company called "Life is Crap"?

16)  I think this is really funny. 

Taken somewhere in Farmington, NM

17) The stars are really bright in New Mexico.

Lee and I at Chaco

The end.


Winter (like the season)

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  1. Is that Lee leaning out the window of the second Aston Martin? :)

    I love the mug.

    I love the billboards.

    I love you.


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