Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to Do a Proper Fish Dive

Lee's younger sister, The Ballerina, is studying ballet.  It's always fun to see her dancing. Lee knows all about ballet because Lee's oldest sister (we'll call her The Prima Ballerina) also studied ballet for a very long time and was very good at it--Lee went to a ton of ballet recitals.

One of the moves that he is particularly fond of is the fish dive.  It took a couple of tries...

Well...not quite.  Oops!

Oh, that's much better! Ta-dah!

(I would like you to notice Lee's reverse lunge--I think he nailed the move, don't you?)

And of course, Lee wanted to give it a whirl too!

**Please do not attempt this at home.  This stunt was performed by professionals.  Well, at least the Ballerina is a professional. Lee just likes to lunge.**


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