Sunday, November 17, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 45

What an educational, eastern, and exciting week. It's been rough the last few weeks, but this week was a great improvement. Wahoo!

So here's how it looked:

November 10: I've been trying to get this sourdough bread recipe to work just right. I'm still struggling with getting enough rise. I'll keep working at it.

The crust is so crusty!

November 11: We headed to Harmon's and discovered this cocoa bean pod. I had no idea they were so huge. We promptly bought a couple of chocolate bars made by local Millcreek Cacoa Roasters. Delicious!

Cocao bean pod as big as my hand!

November 12: Rolling out dough at Perfect Pie Crusts class. I love the mess that is inevitably made to make it all come together. The crust is amazing!

Flour, flour everywhere!

November 13: Grabbing a bite to eat at Aloha Grindz after a LONG day at work. I'm not sure what we're doing here. Making faces at each other?

I'm a pirate!

November 14: Walking down to my next Lifelong Learning class, I cross this bridge. I love the lines and I love the walk down to lower campus.

Bridge at the University of Utah

November 15: My good friend, the Hot Scot, was in charge of putting together a community production of The Fiddler on the Roof. And she also played Golde in the play! She's so darn talented!

The Hot Scot as Golde

November 16: Some friends from the neighborhood got together to make pies together. They wanted to try out the recipe that I acquired at my Perfect Pie Crust class this week. It was so much fun making pies and hanging out.

Pies ready to be baked

I hope you all have an electrifying upcoming week!


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