Sunday, July 14, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 27

It's been a excellent, exciting, and exuberant week!

July 7: Our good friend, Smiling CP, came over for lunch and she was kind enough to make us her famous Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes. There is a reason why they are famous--they were dang good!

The cream, the ganache, the Boston-Cream-Pie-ness!

July 8: This is Lee's 4th time making his recipe--Watermelon Summer Berry Salad. It is so good, so we had write and video it. You should check it out!

Lee is quick at cubing a watermelon with his handy chef's knife.

July 9: We're messing around a little with my new phone. Selfie!


July 10: Took a picture of the second tallest building in Salt Lake City, the LDS church office building, while I was sitting at the bus stop.


July 11: It's been a selfie kind of a week! This shot was taken in the Office Max because we were getting some supplies and amusing ourselves.


July 12: It's so rare for us to go to the movies, but we actually went! We watched Now You See Me and it was fun. On our way out, we saw this advertisement for Ender's Game and Lee was SO excited! Guess who will be watching it on opening day? We will be!

He reads Ender's Game at least once a year--he's excited!

July 13: We're training for the Iceland Half-Marathon in August, so I went out for my long run. I was doing pretty good, until the last couple of blocks when it down poured! I was running in streams and mud puddles, so my shoes and socks were a lovely dirt color.

I hope this will come out in the wash!

Anyway, I hope you have an electrifying upcoming week!


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